How to create a good working environment: create a great place to work

Aimed at leaders interested in employee engagement.

How to create a great place to work. This workshop will explore how leaders can define their recruitment, succession and retention strategies to create an engaged team.

Who is the course for?

This interactive workshop is aimed at leaders who have a proactive interest in understanding the mechanics of employee engagement and the benefits that can be gained by focusing on stronger people practices.

What are the benefits?

  • Understanding the factors that affect engagement.
  • Understanding how, as leaders, you can have an impact on creating a great place to work.
    • How to create a sense of purpose.
    • How to define your talent strategy.
    • How to manage mental well-being.

Course content

This workshop will explore the theory of engagement, delving into the four pillars that form the basis of an employee’s connection with your business and how you can strengthen that bond. 

We’ll then look at creating a sense of purpose in your business; how to define your vision and, most crucially, how to communicate it so that people understand what it means to them. Your talent strategy plays a protagonist’s role in your quest to create a great place to work, so we’ll take a tour of some great tips relating to talent acquisition, retention, motivation and succession planning. 

Finally, it’s going to be more important than ever for leaders to tune into their employees’ mental well-being, ensuring the right support is in place to create an environment where everyone can be themselves and flourish.

This session was originally part of our larger Leadership Programme, but due to popular demand, we are running it as an individual session. 

Course dates

Thursday 29 April, 10.00am - 11.30am 

Your Tutor

Sue Shaw

Sue is a founding partner at JourneyHR, working in partnership with Founders and Directors in the world of advertising and marketing communications. By understanding each of her clients’ business needs, she applies practical solutions that are strategically linked to her clients’ values and business goals. Sue harnesses the power of psychology in her work and spends a great deal of her time coaching leaders on how to create high performance and effectiveness in their teams.

Sue is an expert within the creative space; she’s the longest standing judge on the IPA CPD Gold panel and has led sessions on the IPA Leadership Programme, sharing knowledge with industry leaders around creating a great place to work through engagement and the creation of a strong talent strategy. 

Last updated 01 May 2024