Unreal Engine Workshop

Your stepping stone into the metaverse

Time is money, as the old saying goes. And when someone says they can save you both, that promise never really seems real. But we can do this. And the solution is unreal.

Due to the planned train strike, this session will now run virtually. 

Unreal Engine will revolutionise advertising, there is no doubt, and be your stepping stone to the Metaverse. This primer session will show you how you can be at the forefront of that revolution - and, more importantly, ahead of your competitors. 

It will not only amaze you with the engine’s creative potential but demystify how to actually use it by demonstrating how to integrate it into your marketing plans; revolutionising your business and saving you huge amounts of money and time. 


9.15am Introduction

Julian Douglas, IPA President

9.25am Prepare to be amazed  

  • What is Unreal?
  • How it works 
  • How it has revolutionised other industries
  • You stepping stone to the Metaverse 

10am Don’t be left out

Stéphane Bourez, Motion Graphics Designer & Creative Technologist, Collective

Stephen Barnes, Founding Partner, Collective

  • How to use Unreal specifically for content and asset creation in advertising
  • How much time and money it can save you
  • How to make it work for you  
  • Real world application and interactive showcase
  • Unreal specialist agency (tbc)
  • How far unreal(ity) can pushed

10.45am Close

Last updated 17 April 2024