Unreal Engine Workshop

Including a real-life interactive example with the recent national EE gaming platform

How real-time 3D can turn months into weeks and weeks into days, save thousands on costs and just makes creative fun again. This session includes new examples and material, so if you have already been to an unreal workshop at the IPA, please feel free to sign up again.


If we’re all honest, there is a lot of pain in the production process that no one really wants to deal with. Which is not only unnecessarily boring but takes unneeded time and adds unwanted costs. 

Real-time 3D is a better way of working and producing content that is revolutionising the advertising process and wiping away those unending issues as quickly as you can render an image or video (which is in seconds). 

With examples of work created for a host of major agencies and brands, this workshop will show you how you can be at the forefront of that revolution - and, more importantly, ahead of your competitors. 

It will outline what real-time 3D is, how you can use it to save time and money creating client campaigns, demonstrate the Universal Asset and give your creatives something to get excited about again. 

Including a real-life, real-time, interactive example using the recent national EE gaming campaign

Entering the world that we created for EE and Saatchi & Saatchi, our creative technologist will literally move mountains (and lava rivers) to show, in real-time, how this world was created in just a few short weeks and how it can be adapted and rendered in a few short seconds. 


Thursday 19 October, 10am - 12pm, virtual

Your tutors:

Stephen Barnes, Founding Partner, Collective

A creative geek at heart, Steve started his career as a graphic designer, delivering multi-channel executions for international brands including Audi, Adidas, and Deutsch Telecom until his itchy feet and inquisitive mind led him to gather a bunch of like-minded folk to launch Collective. An agency with a new inclusive outlook and different way of working.  

During his time leading its creative output, Steve has continuously pushed the business to discover, embrace and lead the way in bringing to market new technologies and creative ways of working.

Formed during the nascent days of digital more than 25 years ago this passion for constant change is currently manifesting itself through Unreal Engine.

Adopting the game engine more than five years ago, Collective is now the pre-eminent agency in the advertising landscape at understanding and deploying this quickly evolving technology, with the firm belief that it will revolutionise the sector. And through its partnership with Unreal and the IPA, Steve is altruistically spearheading the integration of this tech, and belief, into the whole of advertising.

Stephane Bourez, 2D/3D artist and Motion Graphics Designer, Collective

Originally trained as a 3D animator in the early 2000s, he has started his career in video games. Since 2007, he has been working as a creative technologist in the advertising industry. For the past eight years, Unreal Engine has been one of his tools of choice to create interactive experiences and 3D animations.

Last updated 01 May 2024