Talon: Attention, econometrics and media measurement

EffWorks 2023

Reflecting on three key themes across industry publications and events, this series of online sessions covers the effectiveness landscape across media channels with guest speakers from Route, OnDevice, and Analytic Partners.

Attention: In an over-saturated digital world, how can we understand and gain attention? Looking at how visibility is defined and utilised in OOH, guest speakers pose how our channel uniquely (and advantageously) approaches attention.

Econometrics: Our guest speakers tackle arguably the largest debate in OOH at the moment: econometrics. Discussing its strengths and weaknesses, we’ll look at how econometrics can be correctly and effectively used for OOH.

Media Measurement: In an omnichannel landscape, the week’s final session looks at how we can truly understand the individual and cumulative value of media channels. Addressing key trends across the industry, we dive into what the future of media and measurement will look like.

Last updated 07 December 2023