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Providing awareness and understanding of how marketing works, and how to write the best brief, develop the best process for planning and executing marketing programmes, and motivating marketing and agency teams.

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Lemon. How left-brain thinking is undermining creativity and making advertising less effective

Using a unique mix of neuroscience, cultural history and advertising research, the study shows how an increase in abstract, left-brain thinking has spread across business and popular culture and how this is undermining creativity and making advertising less effective. Crucially, it also provides practical advice to reverse this decline.

EffWeek 2019 - Crisis in Creative Effectiveness

When even award-winning work generates fewer business results and adopts short-term goals, you know there is a crisis.

Creativity for the long-term

How does creativity contribute to long-term growth? This is the question that Orlando Wood of System1 Group set out to find out.

System 1 - Fluent devices and long term profit gain

Advertising that uses creativity, in the form of brand characters or motifs, to repeatedly drive the narrative of their advertising, markedly improves its emotional response and brand recognition, and holds a key opportunity for advertisers to generate long-term growth.

Report urges co-operation between marketing and finance

Drawing on interviews with leading marketers, researcher Fran Cassidy outlines the challenges and opportunities for collaboration between marketing and finance in the IPA report, Building Bridges with Finance.

Culture First quantified - new research on effectiveness culture in agencies and brands

At EffWeek 2018 we’ve published a quantitative analysis of the prevalence marketing effectiveness culture in agencies, brands and finance departments.


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Last updated 13 October 2020