Monitoring Marketing

Delivering the best models, and guidance on tools and techniques, to plan, monitor, direct and measure the impact of marketing activity, using holistic approaches to return on investment.

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EffWeek 2019 - Why context still matters in planning

As part of EffWeek 2019, organisations representing a range of media platforms collaborated on an event to collate research and thinking to reaffirm the case that the context in which marketing messages appear is crucial to their effectiveness.

EffWeek 2019 - The Value of Experience

Customer experience is a battleground for brands. Almost 90 per cent of companies say they primarily compete on the customer experience they offer, and businesses increasingly look to this area to help them grow.

Creating Marketing Measurement Strategy fit for purpose

Building on a new white paper on measurement strategy published at #EffWeek 2018, our panel debated the right way to measure marketing effectiveness and the challenges in the way of getting it right.

Measuring Effectiveness - Three Grand Challenges

What are the biggest hurdles in measuring marketing effectiveness? Our partners at Google have identified three grand challenges that, if solved, would bring huge progress for marketers.

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Last updated 13 October 2020