IPA Training Forum: Retaining and Empowering Talent

From the personal to the professional

Helping you discover your own voice and leadership style, before a workshop to educate all employees on the menopause and best practice for workplaces.

This IPA Training Forum focuses on two important areas, the first will be on leadership styles and helping the group decide what type of leader they would like to be, the second; helping businesses retain women, who may be experiencing symptoms of the menopause that impact their wellbeing at work. 

Recognise your own leadership style - Claire Billings

In the first workshop, Claire will dive into leadership style, helping you tap into your own unique inner wisdom, and connect to your values and individual style.

By combining mindfulness techniques with a business coaching framework, Claire will guide the group to look into the type of leader you want to be, where you are now, and what’s holding you back.

Bringing together her business background with her passion for wellbeing and helping people succeed and grow, Claire will help you identify your style, and come up with achievable actions to step into that from now.

Recognise and support during the menopause - Lesley Salem

Lesley Salem will join us to run a workshop on educating ALL employees on the menopause and breaking down the stigma. Lesley will go over the context, the large gulf between menopause experiences, and best practice for workplaces, to ensure women feel safe and empowered in the workplace during this life experience.

Over The Bloody Moon is the world's largest collective of menopause specialists, supporting organisations that want to be menopause inclusive.

The Menopause and the Workplace report by the Fawcett Society and Channel 4, which polled 4,000 women aged 45-55, found that 10% had left their job because of symptoms of the menopause.

The IPA Insights Report states that at age 45, women's health becomes a primary concern, and the majority of health concerns flagged can also be symptoms of the menopause, which they may not realise are linked.

As HR or learning and development professionals, we need to encourage our people to speak up, to ensure they feel safe and protected, and develop cultures that reward vulnerability and empathy.

Lesley Salem, Founder, Over The Bloody Moon


Lesley Salem

She is the dynamic founder of Over The Bloody Moon who set up the company after her difficult entrance into perimenopause, made worse by a lack of education. It resulted in her leaving her job but pathed the way for a new career. Lesley is a certified integrated menopause health coach, podcast hostess of The Change Makers, and a well-respected women’s health advocate who is regularly invited to comment on menopause news and events. 

Claire Billings

Claire Billings is a wellbeing-centred leadership coach, primarily focused on supporting women to make the leap to leadership. She spent half her career as an industry journalist and the rest building and leading marketing teams at four of the major advertising holding companies. Most recently Claire was Vice President (VP), Brand & Comms at dentsu UK and Ireland and previously VP, Marketing EMEA at Customer Experience Company, Merkle. 

Last updated 01 May 2024