The Menopause: The change we need to see

Special Insight Report

The Menopause: The change we need to see, features new unseen data from GenM (the menopause partner for 90 brands including Sainsbury’s, Boots and QVC), alongside existing Euromonitor and CIPD data, and additional qualitative data from women aged 49-64, to provide a comprehensive overview of the audience impacted by this major life change. It explores their attitudes to representation in advertising and the innovations and opportunities within the sector.

This report focuses on the topic of the menopause. While the dictionary definition of menopause states that “it is typically considered as the period of life where menstrual cycles permanently cease”, the reality of the menopause is, however, far more complex. There are, in fact, 48 possible symptoms that can also occur during this time due to falling oestrogen and progesterone hormone levels - symptoms which can heavily impact the daily lives of those who are on their menopause journey.

The purpose of this report is to raise awareness and improve understanding of the menopause for all. There is data and advice for brands to better market to those going through the menopause, in terms of what products and what type of marketing they would respond to, alongside examples of menopause-focused products and services. There is also insight and advice for agencies to support their workforce who are on this journey and to better inform their colleagues of those on this journey. While some of the data revealed and discussed here reveals marginal improvements in menopause awareness and action, you will see that more could be done.