Business Affairs, Broadcast Affairs, Production Affairs and/or TV Administration Roles

Job Description

This role generally acts as key support to the production department plus managing risk on the work produced for the Agency which can be film or print productions, events or even stunts.

The role in brief

Every Agency works differently as do the responsibilities and the size of the departments so this is an overall summary of what the job could entail. In some agencies all of the below will apply in other these responsibilities could be shared between Business Affairs, Producers and Account Teams.

This role generally acts as key support to the production department plus managing risk on the work produced for the Agency which can be film or print productions, events or even stunts. This involves regulation, insurance, contracts with third parties, legal obligations and financial responsibilities. The role involves participation from inception of an idea, whether that is a film script or design brief up to delivery of the project which could be a commercial, a print campaign or hosting an event.


Creative & Shoot

  • Support Producers and Account Teams through creative development and the production process and trouble shoot any issues - this protects the integrity of the creative idea whilst ensuring compliance with advertising codes, regulations, laws and insurance.
  • Advise on UK Advertising Regulation – BCAP and Cap Codes – and work with Clearcast, Radiocentre and CAA to ensure compliance with TV, radio and cinema commercials and self-regulate online productions.
  • Give advice on international advertising regulations – broadcasters in the USA, ARPP in France etc.
  • Advise on budgeting globally for artists, celebrities and music.
  • Advise on global artist unions fees and working conditions (Equity, SAG/AFTRA, ACTRA, AAA etc).
  • Issue and review production and third party agreements.
  • Arrange production insurance for shoots and events.
  • Negotiate with celebrities, talent, voiceovers, music, photographers, and illustrators and issue contracts.
  • Identify any Intellectual Property permissions required and negotiate with rights holders i.e. photographs, filmed footage, likeness, logos, designs, products etc; (partnering with internal and external legal teams).
  • Apply for child licences ahead of shoot when working with children.
  • Managing and maintaining the storage of rushes, recordings and final executions.


  • Check media plans.
  • Create individual ID numbers for commercials – known as Clock Numbers in the UK.
  • Send rotation instructions to TV & radio broadcasters (Caria and Jet).
  • Send final clocked film and radio commercials for broadcast approval – Clearcast, CAA (BBFC) and Radiocentre.
  • Arrange subtitling or audio description for commercials.
  • Supply (playout) commercials to TV and Radio broadcasters.

Rights and Usage Management

  • Manage all third-party rights renewals and extensions, negotiating with artists, celebrities, models, photographers, illustrators, music and footage companies.
  • Keep records of all contracts and track all usage in fact sheets and usage tables for each production.
  • Manage any complaints from the Advertising Standards Agency or third parties should they arise.


Issue estimates for

  • Subtitling and audio description
  • Regulation clearance costs
  • Supply of commercials to broadcasters
  • Extension of third-party usage rights

Issue purchase orders and approve invoices for all third-party suppliers, artist agents and music companies.

Knowledge and understanding of all or some of the below:      

  • Advertising Codes (BCAP and CAP) and Sponsorship Code plus general knowledge of international advertising codes
  • Child Licencing process
  • Playouts/supply of commercials for TV, VOD, radio & cinema through production partners
  • Caria and Audiotrack systems (for issuing rotation instructions for each commercial with broadcasters)
  • Script/Film Clearance for TV, radio and cinema prior to broadcast (Clearcast, Radiocentre and CAA/BBFC)
  • Contracts and Licences – Artists, celebrities, production agreements, footage, music
  • Have some level of knowledge on Intellectual Property - literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, trademarks, names and images as these are used in many marketing communications

Skills and Characteristics

  • A go-to approachable person to support the other members of the agency and have the ability to develop internal & external trusted relationships with production partners, trade bodies and unions.
  • Focus on quality, accuracy and efficiency and how best to achieve this.
  • Be aware of cost control and efficiency when dealing with financial outgoings and ability to negotiate.
  • Organised and able to manage your own time and workload to ensure the most efficient use of working hours and that all deadlines are met.
  • Be practical and use your initiative on all tasks, be a problem solver and think laterally – this is a creative industry.
  • Be able to communicate well both in writing and in person and be able to express yourself clearly.
  • Team player, reliable, sense of humour (not compulsory but helps), positive, innovative and proactive.
Last updated 10 November 2021