The best way to win new customers?

The best way to win new customers? Talk to the ones you already have - the story of O2, chapter 2

In 2005 O2 changed the conventions of the UK mobile network market. A new campaign, 'O2: A World That Revolves Around You', talked to O2 customers through broadcast and personal media. It announced a radical shift in rewards, now for loyalty not for defection, with a new emphasis on customer service. The campaign reversed a rising trend in disconnections and attracted new customers. By the end of 2005, O2 overtook Orange to have the largest UK user base. O2's brand affinity also improved on a range of measures, including bonding, consideration and recommendation. Econometric modelling suggests a medium-term payback on investment of up to 80:1. Now part of Telefonica, O2 has achieved UK Brand Leadership