Digital Media Owners Survey Spring 2024

The survey was undertaken between 13 February and 17 March

The results of the Spring 2024 IPA Digital Media Owner Survey which keeps agencies informed on which media owners and suppliers deliver the highest levels of service.

Key findings:

  • Reddit was named as the best media owner to work with 86.0% of respondents saying that their overall experience of working with them was a good one.
  • While Reddit leads overall and among Online Pure Plays, Mobsta led the way for Ad Networks/Exchanges, DSP and Sales Houses, while Mail Metro Media was the best performing Crossover Media Owner.
  • Five other media owners have an overall score of 80% or above: Mobsta (85.0%), Pinterest (85.0%), Acast (83.6%), GumGum (82.6%), and Blis (81.3%).
  • In addition to leading the overall ranking, Reddit was named best for ‘Understanding of the context the agency operates in’ and ‘How best to support achievement of objectives’.
  • Mobsta leads four individual categories (‘Quality of response to brief’, ‘Understanding of own products’, ‘Ease of sales force contact’ and ‘Engendering a real sense of agency/media owner partnership’), while Pinterest top three (‘Understanding of client strategies and objectives’, ‘Delivery of innovative, creative solutions’ and ‘Proactive communication of new opportunities’).
  • Four media owners lead one individual category each: Blis (‘Communication of direct contact with clients’), Quantcast (‘Professionalism in dealing with dispute resolution’), MiQ (‘Regularity of constructive sales force contact’) and Mail Metro Media (‘Demonstration of how cross-media opportunities can be exploited’).
  • Sky is the most broadly improved media owner with increases of 10 percentage points or more across five different categories, while ITV improved by the same margin across four categories.
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