The Best Way for a Client to Brief an Agency

Giving an agency the right information so that it can come back with the best possible solution.

This new guide, co-authored by BetterBriefs and Mark Ritson in partnership with the IPA, is a practical tool to help marketers write better briefs for agencies.

It aims to create a shared understanding between marketers and agencies as to what constitutes a good brief (and briefing).

Chapters cover:

  • The importance of briefs
  • Marketing strategy shaping briefs
  • Writing briefs
  • Briefing the brief
Free download: The best way for a client to brief an agency


Webinar: The Issues With Briefs and How to Make Them Better

The BetterBriefs team have teamed up with Tom Fishburne (aka The Marketoonist) to bring their research to life - alongside commentary from industry greats - with the aim of reigniting the difficult conversations around briefs with both agencies and brands to improve the briefing process.

Join Sam Bradley, senior reporter at The Drum, and our expert panel in this live webinar where they will unpick the universal challenges faced in the briefing process, and crucially, what their key takeaways are when it comes to improving the experience of writing and receiving briefs.

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