Find comfort in the classics in 2023

Let's not lose sight of the true value of good, timeless advice

In 2023 where the only constant is change, Agency Inc's Nikki Guevarra predicts it will be the year where we can all benefit from taking things back to basics.

Wardrobe essentials like your classic white tee and favourite jeans will represent a refreshing sense of stability, as fashion trends get back to basics in 2023.

Meanwhile in marketing, we can find a similar sense of comfort in the classics to help us stay in control. And control is indeed what we need this year. After all, 2022 was the year (according to Collins Dictionary) of the Permacrisis – helping to define this 'extended period of insecurity and instability'.

An outcome going into 2023 is a clear fight or flight mentality – at a time where the only constant is change, it’s all about staying in control. Or in other words, surviving. The Accenture Life Trends 2023 report calls this emerging theme 'I will survive' which highlights two extremes in human behaviour we’re likely to see continue:

  • Fight: people will increasingly raise their voices against injustices (e.g. kicking off the year with a month of rail strikes)
  • Flight: people will look for an escape from uncomfortable circumstances (e.g. the Great Resignation isn’t over yet)

Survival mode will affect what people have time for, what they value and how they spend their money. These fight or flight extremes result in distracted, important, occupied and selective buyers, making jobs difficult for marketers in 2023.

But we need to remember that at times of fight or flight, getting back to basics will always prevail. What matters most in 2023 is to not lose sight of the true value of good, timeless advice. 

Like your old favourite jeans and classic white tee, these will always fit.

Principle 1

'The most dangerous words in business are let us assume that'

Don’t just assume your audience will trust you. Have a deep understanding of what they need in return for their attention.  

Rory Sutherland – How behavioural economics can solve business problems  

Principle 2

'What’s your purpose? What’s your cause? What’s your belief?'

Have a clear view on how your ‘why’ serves a role in people’s lives.

Simon Sinek – Start with why

Principle 3

'To use very short-term online metrics as primary performance measures has dangerous implications'

Invest in long-term brand building to drive long-term growth.

Les Binet and Peter Field – The long and the short of it

So – in 2023 where the only constant is change, we predict it will be the year where we can all benefit from taking things back to basics.


Nikki Guevarra is a Strategy Partner at Agency Inc, an award-winning B2B strategic marketing agency.

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Last updated 01 May 2024