Agency Census 2018

The definitive survey of employment trends in media, advertising and marketing communication agencies

The IPA Agency Census 2018 shows that the total number of people currently working in IPA member agencies remains almost the same as 2017 (down 0.6%) although there are subtle shifts in the makeup of the employed base.

Agency Census 2018

There has been an increase in staff employed by media agencies; up 7.1% year-on-year. While at creative and other non-media agencies staff levels have fallen for the second consecutive year – down 5.1%.

IPA President Nigel Vaz said: “This important IPA survey continues to be a barometer for the health of our business and highlights useful trend data. We are a people business and I look forward to working with the IPA on its initiatives to continue to improve diversity across the board within our industry.”

For full details on the profile of the employed base by department type, gender, age and ethnicity as well as working practices and staff turnover, download the full IPA Agency Census 2018.