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The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption, spend has been moving away from traditional media, big tech is growing, and the creative styles associated with its platforms are now reaching into TV advertising. But digital acceleration will make brand building advertising more important, not less, and companies are increasingly looking for help. Yet, there is a sense that brand building skills have been lost.

Through an examination of attention Orlando describes the kinds of features that make for effective brand building advertising today. With new evidence, he shows how these features succeed in capturing the ‘broad-beam’ attention of audiences, how they elicit an emotional response in both TV and online video advertising, and how they are more likely to result in brand fame and brand trust. He also demonstrates how they establish the lasting business effects of sales, market share and profit gain. Described by Rory Sutherland as ‘ground-breaking’, this 180-page advertising guide is at once fascinating and entertaining, and puts the business of creating advertising today in its cultural and historical context. It provides both evidence and inspiration, examining human uniqueness, connection, movement, character, animation, humour, music and colour as ways to forge a connection with audiences. It is essential reading for anyone looking to create more effective advertising in our digitally-disrupted and fast-changing world.

Says effectiveness expert and marketing consultant Peter Field, “If Orlando’s last book, Lemon, was the wake-up call for those who champion effectiveness, then his new publication is the playbook for rebuilding the effectiveness that advertising has lost over the last decade. There is value for all who work with advertising in this book, whether at the creative end or the hard business end. Ever the polymath, Orlando vividly illustrates why an outward looking mind is vital to counterbalance the narrow perspectives of modern advertising that have robbed it of its vitality.”

Launching at EffWorks Global 2021 on 12 October.

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