Pricing for Success

How to build a sustainable commercial partnership.

Agencies should expand their thinking when it comes to pricing their services and products and look to build truly effective commercial relationships with their clients.

Pricing for Success

This paper shows how to do this by building on the ideas in 2019’s The Price of Success, which showed why and how agencies can price their services better and create sustainable commercial innovation.

In Pricing for Success, Vlad Komanicky, one of the founding partners at Alchemists, explains why rigid agency commercial models hinder innovation and outlines a process which allows agility and flexibility. It enables partnerships, comprising several commercial components, to be built with clients; the different components can be expanded or cut according to client and business needs.

To start innovating with price, a process, in three clear phases, can be followed, which allows an agency to understand where it is at any stage in the client and agency relationship. Identify this and it will know where it is in terms of the potential risks and rewards for any commercial partnership.

Get this right and agencies will be able to successfully innovate commercially as much as they innovate creatively.