The Short Guide to Measuring Not Counting

This guide provides advertising practitioners with a grounding in social media best practice. It looks at the role of social media as part of the comms planning process, addresses the challenges associated with measuring social and explores various case studies in best practice. It also identifies seven key points for successfully measuring social and a five point plan for taking measurement into social campaigns

The Short Guide to Measuring Not Counting

The guide highlights the need for social media planning and evaluation to operate in tandem with other traditional channels to accurately gauge its reach, rather than adopting a siloed approach.

It argues that the same rigour must be applied as for established marketing measurement, using comparable metrics, linking activity to overall objectives and a focus on the long term results. Whilst also using the real-time evaluation process that social media offers to inform accurate targets and predictions.

 This guide is designed to give all general advertising practitioners a grounding in social media measurement best practice. If you are a Social Media or Digital Specialist, please see The Expert Guide to Measuring Not Counting, which covers measurement and evaluation techniques in greater detail.


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