DayLite by Touchpoints

Producing your audience profiles has never been easier.

DayLite displays your audience behaviour by hour across the week and lets you easily select different variables and activities for detailed comparisons. You can download all charts directly or as raw data for you to incorporate into your work.

Touchpoints data at your fingertips

With 26 pre-built audience profiles, you can quickly and easily compare standard audiences or analyse your own bespoke profiles to examine behaviours across a wealth of different topics including:

  • Location
  • Who with
  • Activity
  • Mood
  • Media behaviour
  • Internet usage
  • Social media usage

DayLite was developed with TouchPoints subscribers to provide the best user experience possible. Planners can now break down TouchPoints data in any number of ways more quickly and easily than ever before.

Watch this video to see for an explanation of how to use DayLite by TouchPoints.

DayLite is automatically available to all TouchPoints subscribers, so even if you’ve never experienced TouchPoints before, DayLite may be just the tool for you.

DayLite tool for TouchPoints subscribers


For more information about DayLite, and to see how TouchPoints can benefit you please get in touch.

Dan Flynn

Dan Flynn

Head of Product and Commercial, Research


0207 201 8271

Last updated 17 April 2024