Accredited Member of the IPA (MIPA)

Becoming an Accredited Member of the IPA (MIPA) is the advertising industry's most visible, robust badge of professionalism.

Becoming an Accredited Member of the IPA (MIPA) is the advertising industry's most visible, robust badge of professionalism. It's designed to put you on the same footing as architects, engineers and lawyers. And it's recognised and respected by clients, employers, headhunters and peers.

Join the pathway to becoming a MIPA

    The benefits of becoming a MIPA

    It takes three years to become a Personal Member of the IPA (MIPA), but the rewards are more than worth it. Especially if you looking for a promotion or change of direction. The specialist skills and experience you’ll gain as a MIPA will help you achieve your career goals sooner.

    As a personal member of the IPA, you can use the initials MIPA after your name. Initials that are increasingly recognised within the advertising and marketing industry and which will identify you as an advertising professional. We’ll help you promote yourself too by publishing your profile on our website.

    You can save money as you continue your professional development with the IPA. Keep your skills up to date with IPA courses and qualifications at a discounted rate and log all your learning in your IPA CPD diary. You’ll enjoy member rates when you download case studies and publications and Trend Reports are free to download.

    As a MIPA you’ll become part of an exclusive network of advertising professionals and can join MIPA Connect where you can share content and discuss the latest industry activity with other MIPA, attend IPA events at member rates and look forward to being invited to events only for MIPAs.

    How to become a Accredited MIPA

    To become an Accredited MIPA, you just need to follow our simple qualifications-based programme of learning and development. You'll need to accumulate five stars of IPA learning, plus CPD compliance in each of the previous three years.

    If you’re employed by an IPA member agency or an IPA Accelerator agency, you can access all IPA courses and qualifications and your CPD diary. So all you would need to do is:

    1. Pick the courses or qualifications that appeal to you from the list below and accumulate at least five stars. Additionally, you can earn stars by authoring (or co-authoring) IPA Effectiveness Award Papers.
    2. Record at least 24 hours of CPD in your diary for each of the previous three years.

    If you’re not employed by an IPA member agency or an IPA Accelerator agency, you’ll need to sign up as an Associate of the IPA. For an annual fee of £200 + VAT, you’ll gain access to member rates for all the courses and qualifications you need to become an Accredited MIPA. You’ll also be able to access your own CPD diary, along with some other benefits. Find out more about becoming an Associate of the IPA.

    Which courses and qualifications can I choose from?


    • Foundation Certificate (2 stars)
    • Global Foundation Certificate (2 stars)


    • Branding Essentials course (1 star)
    • Commercial Essentials Certificate (1 star) 
    • Digital Performance Essentials Certificate (2 stars) 
    • Diversity and Inclusion Essentials Certificate (1 star) 
    • Effectiveness Essentials Certificate (1 star) 
    • HR Knowledge Essentials course (1 star) 
    • LegRegs Essentials Certificate (1 star) 
    • Production Lite Essentials course (1 star)
    • Production Essentials Certificate (3 stars) 
    • Strategic Planning Essentials course (1 star) 


    • Advanced Behavioural Economics course (1 star) 
    • Advanced Business Acumen course (1 star)
    • Advanced Certificate in Communications Planning (4 stars) 
    • Advanced Certificate in Effectiveness (3 stars) 
    • Advanced Leadership and Delegation course (1 star)
    • Advanced New Business course (1 star)


    • Excellence Diploma in Brands (5 stars)
    • Excellence in Leadership course (3 stars)
    • Excellence in Business delivered by LSE (4 stars) 

    Earning stars by contributing to IPA Effectiveness Awards Papers (From 2020 onwards):

    • 1 MIPA star for a principal author of a non-award-winning paper submitted to the IPA Effectiveness Awards.
    • 2 MIPA stars for a principal author of a prize-winning paper at the IPA Effectiveness Awards.

    Maintaining your MIPA status

    If you’re in an IPA agency, just record at least 24 hours of eligible learning each year to retain your accredited status.

    If you’re not in an IPA agency, you'll need to pay £200+VAT annually to gain access to member rates so that you can record at least 24 hours of eligible learning each year. 

    Please get in touch to find out more about becoming an Accredited Member of the IPA (MIPA).

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    Last updated 03 August 2022