Privacy & Data Protection

A collection of the IPA’s resources for members about the GDPR and E-Privacy.

Agencies acting as processors, processing data for clients

IPA Real Time Bidding Best Practice Principles

GDPR Clauses and Data Processing Agreement 2022

IPA GDPR Sub-Processing Addendum

IPA Best Practice Principles for Agencies

Agencies acting as controllers of their staff data and that of their suppliers, clients etc


IPA GDPR Pack and seminar created in partnership with Bristows LLP.

GDPR/Employment Resources

IPA GDPR in the Workplace Guidance & Templates

IPA General GDPR Guidance

GDPR Webinars

CMS Cameron McKenna Olswang Webinar I - A general overview of the existing law on data protection and what is changing under the GDPR, 27/04/2017
CMS Cameron McKenna Olswang Webinar II - A closer look at some of the key legal changes that agencies need to know about and what they need to do to comply with them, 01/06/2017
CMS Cameron McKenna Olswang Webinar III - A look at the draft E-Privacy Regulation and a summary of Webinar II, 13/07/2017

Miscellaneous Legal Alerts & News on GDPR and E-Privacy

Last updated 23 June 2022