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So you are one of the lucky ones who actually gets to be involved in making an advertising commercial. It's exciting but there is a lot to know and a lot to plan for.

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    You may have a question about script clearance, about casting children in school time, about insurances or about Equity.

    • Do I need permission to include famous buildings in my commercial (at home and overseas)
    • How many hours can a 12-year-old girl work on set?
    • What is a sponsorship licence and why do I need one to bring non-EU talent into the UK?
    • I am filming goldfish in a bowl - do I need a vet on set?
    • What paperwork do I need to move a herd of cattle from Scotland to Essex?
    • I am filming in a station. Do I need release forms from the public? What should I do?

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    Published guidance

    Curbing emissions from advertising productions

    With the support of the IPA, AA, APA and ISBA, the recently launched AdGreen initiative has launched a free-to-use carbon calculator for agencies and clients.

    We would encourage all our agency production departments to start using it and start tracking the emissions for their production activities, while free sustainable production training is also available.

    Clients who have signed up for the AdGreen levy will be expecting their agencies to use the carbon calculator for all productions, so it’s essential that all production departments are up to speed.

    For those unaware of AdGreen, Kim Knowlton ran a webinar earlier this year explaining AdGreen, the levy and frequently asked questions.

    Log into the Carbon Calculator



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