IPA welcomes ISBA’s Programmatic Supply Chain Study

A comment by IPA Director of Media Affairs Nigel Gwilliam

The IPA has welcomed the publication of ISBA’s Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study that calls for a far-reaching reform of the programmatic advertising supply chain in terms of greater transparency and data standardisation.

In its response, the IPA is keen to assert its support for cross-industry collaboration, the role of agencies in helping to find solutions, and the significance of the pioneering JICWEBS Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) pilot in helping to address data transparency.

Says Nigel Gwilliam, Director of Media Affairs, IPA:

"This report highlights the complexity of the programmatic supply chain and exposes the vital need and action points required for greater data standardisation and transparency across the adtech ecosystem.

This is something we not only welcome but also feel we, and our agency members, can be instrumental in addressing as part of the cross-industry collaboration. Our agencies were active, constructive participants in the study and look forward to working with their clients to drive cross-industry solutions.

"JICWEBS is the obvious body to facilitate this collaboration, especially around programmatic advertising data standardisation. Further, we will be championing the concurrent development of the JICWEBS DLT pilot as the medium term, ‘always on’ solution to the issue of supply chain transparency and self-regulatory compliance. As recently outlined to Government via the CMA and DCMS, the pilot has shown promising results on how the deployment of DLT can drive significant benefits at a reasonable cost (in the context of a permissioned industry consortium network).

View the full report on ISBA's website.


Last updated 01 May 2024