Catalina Gutiérrez M.

Digital Director, Edelman, Colombia

A consequence of the Digital Revolution.

Geek who believes that data, creativity and storytelling, mixed with great technological experiences, achieve the simplest solutions and answers to everything.

Six years in SanchoBBDO under the demanding lens of strategy, allow me to build honest and powerful brands that seek to excite and impact people, and help to grow businesses. Now, working at Edelman as a Digital Director, I am delighted to learn how to use the digital conversation to build trust between clients and customers.

Before that, and for ten years, I devote myself to data analytics and digital culture. That's why today, I am in the constant search of being a great storyteller under the challenge of living in the information age...

All this by the sound of good eighties rock and the even older sound of jazz.

Last updated 01 June 2022