Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Co-Founder of the DATA Initiative, Northeastern Uni, USA

Koen Pauwels is Distinguished Professor of Marketing at Northeastern University and co-director of its Digital, Analytics, Technology and Automation (DATA) Initiative. He received his Ph.D. from UCLA, where he was chosen “Top 100 Inspirational Alumnus” out of 37,000 graduates. His award-winning research received over 12,000 citations and is available at marketingandmetrics.com.

Prof Pauwels is Senior Editor for the Journal of Marketing and the International Journal of Research in Marketing. He is currently President of the American Marketing Association’s Academic Council and Vice President of Practice at the INFORMS Association for Marketing Science. His books include ‘Modeling Markets’ and ‘Advanced Methods for Modeling Markets’ for researchers and “It’s Not the Size of the Data – It’s How You Use It: Smarter Marketing with Analytics and Dashboards” for managers.

Last updated 21 January 2022