Commercial Essentials Certificate syllabus

This seven module, eight-hour online qualification will help you gain the skills you need to move up the career ladder with confidence, able to make key financial decisions within all departments of the agency.

Module 1 – Understanding Agency Finances

This module explores the language and processes of finance i.e. what key financial terms mean and how finance is managed in a typical Advertising and Communications business.

Module 2 - The Key Numbers for Agencies

Explores KPIs (key performance indicators), we focus on which KPIs are used to measure an agency’s financial performance and the key ratios used across the industry to benchmark KPIs.

Module 3 - Fees: How Agencies Are Paid

Looks at the different fee models in use today and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We look at the principles of pricing and the six factors influencing pricing decisions. Importantly, this module includes a section on understanding the role a client’s procurement department plays and how to get them on side.

Module 4 - Finance and Production

This module teaches how to effectively manage the complex and costly process of production to produce quality assets while avoiding exposing the client or agency to financial risk. We give an insight into different production processes and the tools and strategies for good financial management.

Module 5 - Finance and Media Agencies

We look at how to manage media-specific finance issues including credit insurance, the client approval process and media bookings. We take a look at the financial considerations of booking media in today’s “always on” world.

Module 6 – Scope of Work

This module explains the financial importance of a scope of work. It guides you through how to create and manage a scope of work. It also provides a downloadable SOW template, one of the most important tools to ensure your projects deliver on time and budget. 

Module 7 – Understanding Client Finances

We look at some of the financial terminology likely to be used by clients, what to look for in a client’s annual report and which business metrics clients typically use to measure an agency’s impact on their business.

Last updated 29 May 2024