Advertising and Media Executive Apprenticeship

What you’ll learn.

You are the endlessly busy jack of all trades keeping the whole show on the road, working with everyone from the client to the suppliers and the whole agency team.

You are responsible for day-to-day progress of the whole advertising process, from receiving the brief from the client’s marketing team, including objectives, budget and timescales, through to the measurement of how effective the advertisement has been. So you’ll be taught how the component parts are successfully orchestrated, and how to negotiate effective trade-offs as the process continues and evolves. You will help campaigns move forward, coping with inevitable set-backs and changes in direction (some at the last minute), whilst showing collaboration and maintaining good relationships with all.

We’ll make sure you have all the knowledge and skills you need: such as the advertising landscape, how to present, how to negotiate, commercial and legal acumen, time management, constructive feedback, post campaign analysis and evaluation, how to build resilience and bounce back, the media landscape and future trends; and how vital it is that the two specialists (Advertising and Media) work hand in hand.

In addition, the two specialist pathways will cover creative ideas and making the adverts (Advertising Exec) or the process of effectively distributing the advertisements to many platforms and channels (Media Exec).

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Last updated 21 January 2022