Junior Advertising Creative Apprenticeship

What' you'll learn.

Are you already being creative in the way you think and approach problems? Are you the one who writes the most passionate but also most witty banners on demos, or comes up with ingenious solutions to social problems, or can find an idea that persuades people to do something they don’t want to do?

Do you love writing of any kind or are obsessed with art directing your cakes? Are you the kid who came up with new games for other kids to play? Or ran a crazy themed event that actually made money? If so, you should consider a career as a creative in the advertising and media industry.

Your job is to come up with creative ideas which help bring forward fresh thinking and transform businesses and behaviour from selling bleach to selling bank services to persuading people not to smoke in front of kids.

We’ll teach you how to think of ideas and do research; then how to present your idea and what to do with client and senior creative feedback to develop it. You’ll learn all the tricks of pitching for new clients. And all about being resilient! You’ll learn from producers and specialists how big ideas can be executed in all media from TV to shopping trolleys to bus shelter interactive posters to radio spots to websites and social media content to experiential. You will visit studios and external locations to watch Directors turn your idea into reality. We teach you to manage projects that are at different stages. And all the craft skills of copywriting and art direction.

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Last updated 21 January 2022