Agency Producer

Job Description

The Producer is responsible for taking the agreed creative idea and bringing the clients’ wishes to life on air and/or on screens and other channels. This role requires strong TV/film skills.

Agency Producer

Also known as….

Content Manager

The role in brief... 

The Producer is responsible for taking the agreed creative idea and bringing the clients’ wishes to life on air and/or on screens and other channels. This role requires strong TV/film craft and combines big ideas and creative problem solving. The Producer is aware of emerging and current talent to engage the best suppliers for each project. They manage the entire production process, from idea to execution, working in partnership with the client, creatives, account team and manage the production and post production process. They also manage the budget for each project and negotiate with the pre and post production companies.


Working with...

Internal; Creative Department; Creative Services; Account Management; Client Service; Commercial Production; Studio; Finance; HR/Talent Team.

External: Production and Post Production teams including Sound Technicians, Copy Writers, Actors, and Film Producers. Casting agencies; Directors; Photographers; lead clients for the project.

They may have line management responsibility for junior members of the team, Production Assistant/Intern, being accountable for their performance and providing them with professional development opportunities such as the IPA production Knowledge qualification.

Responsible for...

  • Supporting the creative team and their idea; representing, owning, championing and finding creative solutions to bring the idea to life in accordance with the brief for example being able to explain the production quote to a client in detail, justifying all costs at the are production meeting including types of insurance.
  • Producing any concept work before the project is live. This may include Animatic; Mood Films; Sound Scapes.
  • Sourcing the partners, companies and suppliers to work on the project; directors, overseeing treatments, casting agents, actors, artistes, locations, animators etc.
  • Editing film and other content in the edit suite.
  • Managing all third-party relationships throughout the Production process to ensure strong collaboration and high quality moving content work that meets the brief.
  • Managing the production budget, and the associated administration, in accordance with client and agency expectations. Partnering with Finance on Purchase Orders, billable costs and people investments required.
  • Coordinating and managing the entire project in collaboration with the Director and Production Services, Commercial Production, Creative team and Client Service as required.
  • Supplying commercials to air as per the technical brief, generating idea or new techniques to develop work as it is taken from the page to the screen.
  • Meeting clients. listening to their needs and trusted to manage the process for them.
  • Awareness of rules surrounding usage fees, talent, contracts and shooting aboard.
  • Presenting ideas and routes to the client and the internal teams.
  • Involved in recruitment and selection decisions.
  • Focused on the personal and professional development of their team.


Those who succeed are...

  • Up to date on the latest techniques and possibilities of channels – TV, cinema, radio, digital media etc.
  • Knowledgeable about the legal and regulatory codes, able to explain what is possible and what is not , for example that no-one can look under 25 in an advert for alcohol.
  • Able to ‘ballpark’ quotes when first presented with a script to see if it is likely to be within budget.
  • Proficient at their technical craft.
  • Skilled at making and producing content in collaboration with a matrix of partners – for example being up to date on which directors are right for which treatments.
  • Skilled negotiators to navigate multiple expectations and needs whilst managing the budget and not compromising on the quality of the work.
  • Skilled at navigating their way through conflict in high pressured situations.
  • Trusted representatives of the client, the work and the agency.
  • Credible in the production world with strong relationships with pre and post production houses, directors, casting agents etc.
  • Proficient at process management skills, presentation, logical thinking and creative problem solving.

Where they come from, and where they go…

While there are no specific education requirements to become a Producer, many will have a bachelor's degree, such as a Bachelor of Applied Science in Film, Television and Digital Production programme. This covers all areas of film and TV production; camera operation, cinematography, screenwriting, lighting, sound and editing.  Some may have started out as a Production Assistant, maybe on a TV show and with independent film companies to understand the workings of a TV studio. They will have built a portfolio of work at the beginning of their career, possibly in collaboration with others on lower budget productions.

They may go on to run a Production Department, a Content studio in an agency or move onto a TV or film company. They may move into a pre and post production company.




Last updated 21 January 2022