Biddable Executive

Job Description

The Biddable Account Executive delivers market-leading campaign activation, execution and performance analysis for Paid Social and Search Campaigns.

Biddable Executive

Also known as...

Paid Search Executive; Paid Social Executive; Paid Search Account Executive; Paid Social Account Executive; Performance Account Executive

The role in brief... 

Biddable Media refers to any form of media that is bought via real time bidding – this definition includes media hosted by third party platforms. These third parties (e.g. demand side platforms) have allowed for a far more agile approach to auction-based media buying, with performance coming to the fore, as advertisers identify and decide where to appear and what cost to reach.

The Biddable Account Executive delivers market-leading campaign activation, execution and performance analysis for Paid Social and Search Campaigns.

This role runs various campaigns, with an initial focus on reporting and optimisation working across various paid search media channels, Google Adwords and Youtube, along with various paid social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and other digital media partners.

Working with...

  • Internal: Biddable Team; Media Planning; Media Buying Team; Finance Team.
  • External: Third party agencies e.g. various paid search media channels; various paid social channels.
  • The Biddable Account Executive may report into the Biddable Manager or Head of Biddable depending on the size of the agency.

Responsible for...

  • Running the day to day activation, optimisation and reporting for campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and AdWords, and other various channels – Criteo, Xing, etc.
  • Auditing client accounts to improve performance.
  • Using 3rd party bid management tools to optimise performance and achieve clients’ targets.
  • Creating media plans alongside the planning team and provide spend forecasts. Maximising efficiencies in all processes (including reporting & finance).
  • Ensuring all media is booked and reconciled on time according to the agency financial process.
  • Proactively finding innovative ways to boost campaigns’ performance.
  • Liaising with 3rd party providers and partners to resolve any issues as they arise.
  • Proficient with Excel spreadsheets to analyse performance, compile reports and spotting opportunities for the divisions the Biddable Account Executive works alongside.
  • Supporting the Biddable Manager with preparing performance information for client presentations as required.
  • Creating documents to showcase performance and provide in-depth analysis of results.
  • Proactively contribute to team meetings, team initiatives and knowledge sharing.

Those who succeed are...

  • Analytical with an interest in numbers along with strong communications skills.
  • Are resourceful to find and suggest solutions rather than just report on problems.
  • Commercially minded with the ability to prioritise tasks, they are able to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • They are keen to learn new processes and keep up to date with social media developments.

Where they come from, and where they go…

There are no set qualifications for this role although many entrants may have a degree. The following subjects may be helpful:

  • Business management
  • Marketing (particularly digital marketing)
  • Media and communications public relations. 

They have a strong passion for all things digital and the drive to launch a successful career in media. Their typical career progression starts with handling a campaign from the beginning with the planning stage. They may then become involved with the handling of the end campaign with final report and billing. They eventually progress to manage the client directly.


Last updated 21 January 2022