New Business Executive

Job Description

The New Business Executive supports the New Business Director with the implementation of the new business strategy. They support with a mix of in- bound and out bound marketing.

New Business Executive

Also known as...

Marketing Assistant where Marketing includes new business activity

The role in brief...   

The New Business Executive supports the New Business Director with the implementation of the new business strategy. They support with a mix of in- bound and out bound marketing, inputting information into CRM systems and reviewing analytics to target potential clients. They support with the administration and materials for the agency’s new business pitch process. They develop knowledge about the agency’s products, services and collate and prepare case studies to support client meetings. They may receive initial requests from potential clients.

The New Business Executive may collaborate with the Marketing team, where there is one. They may be involved in the creation of all sales material and marketing collateral along with creating digital content when required.

Working with...

  • Internal: Across the agency; Agency management, Agency account team, including planners/strategists; Creative teams and directors; Creative services and production staff; Marketing team; Finance Team. Global new business and marketing teams as required.
  • External: Client Marketing teams and lead clients. Event Companies, Print and Design companies, Award and Event Organisers. New Business Intermediaries.
  • The New Business Executive will report to the Head of New Business; New Business Director; Head of Growth, Growth Director; Marketing Manager.

Responsible for...

  • Supporting the New Business Director with the delivery of the agency’s annual new business strategy.
  • Reviewing data to support the identification of particular target sectors.
  • Managing the new lead capture process for the New Business Director and leadership team to qualify and prioritise opportunities.
  • Preparing and collating the relevant materials to target the desired client list.
  • Responding to initial requests from prospective clients.
  • Coordinating and collating the information required for completing detailed prospective Requests for Information (RFIs) and Requests for Procurement (RFPs) for review by the New Business Director.
  • Supporting the refinement and roll-out of the agency new business development process for example arranging ‘chemistry’ meetings.
  • Recording the agency wins, losses and costs for review by the New Business Director. Preparing reports from this data as required to review investments in new business activities.
  • Supporting the New Business Director with the planning and execution of event opportunities to target prospective clients, possibly in conjunction with the agency marketing team. This may involve creating and managing the guest list, partnering with venues and event organisers and the creation of event materials.
  • Supporting the agency pitch teams with all aspects of this significant event; overseeing the prompt delivery of pitch materials, room bookings, administration, presentation decks etc.
  • Collating information for case studies and award entries possibly in conjunction with the agency marketing team.
  • Updating the agency credentials as directed by the New Business Director.

Those who succeed are...

  • Excellent communicators with high literacy skills.
  • Able to write clear and concise copy with creativity and flair.
  • Curious in developing and maintaining current knowledge of the advertising landscape and competitive activity.
  • Understand the agency "brand" and their products and services.
  • Skilled at presenting documentation for easy reading and with clarity.
  • Problem solvers and can collaborate across the agency to obtain the necessary and accurate information.
  • Adept at picking up new concepts and skills rapidly as well as the ability to proactively research and find out information.

Where they come from, and where they go...

They may have a good degree with an interest in new business. They have strong writing skills. Some transfer from being experienced PAs or account coordinators or Account Executives.

They may go on to become a New Business Manager; New Business Director; Marketing Manager; Marketing Director; Head of Marketing. They may go onto related roles such as Client Services; Content Marketing Manager; Community Manager; PR Manager.

What is New Business?

There are a variety of ways of addressing new business and these will be different in each agency.

Who does the new business? It could be argued that it is everyone’s role to contribute to the new business activity and to externally represent the agency at all times.

The marketing function

This may be part of the Head of Marketing, Marketing Director, CMO brief as they create the marketing materials and PR plans to position the agency and to target prospective clients. Their marketing strategy will focus on the new business pipeline and target particular sectors.

The Agency Senior Leadership

In some agencies this is the remit of the CEO, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director as they cultivate internal group and external networks and contacts. They facilitate conversations to further understand the clients’ business challenges and to match these needs with the agency’s products and services.

The New Business Director

Many agencies appoint a New Business Director who is responsible for identifying the target client list and the new business pipeline. What may vary by role is whether this role is focussed solely on new, new business or is combined with responsibility for generating the organic growth of existing clients.  Things to consider are:-

  • Their role in identifying the initial lead – did this come in via someone else in the agency? If the lead is from another member of the team who is remunerated for this lead as and when it converts? 
  • Are they managing an outbound client campaign or are they only managing in bound requests from prospective clients?
  • Are they bringing their contact book with them?
  • How might they generate organic growth – could this also be the role of Account Management and Client Services? Are you clear on the different roles and their responsibility in new business?
  • How does this role intersect with a Growth Director role?

Growth Director

This role may a role in its own right, it may be a global role. Some of the responsibilities may also be part of Client Services Director’s remit.

Growth may come from net new business in new sectors, organic growth, business or talent acquisition. They identify opportunities for potential growth:

  • in new categories
  • from current clients (including cross-selling)
  • via innovation (product, services, offering)

They increase external awareness of the agency brand internally and externally through partners, press, media, client community, intermediaries. They may be the strategic advisor for the pitch process.

New Business Process Role

This role manages all of the administration and the-end-to- end new business process. They manage the following:

  • The RFP, and RFI process
  • Organisation and marshalling and motivation of the pitch team
  • Coordination of all of the pitch materials and collaborate with third party suppliers to deliver a winning pitch
  • Coordinating talent from other offices
Last updated 21 January 2022