TouchPoints Case Study - Which?, The Kite Factory

The TouchPoints Channel Planner was the first, industry available cross media Channel Planner. It calculates reach and frequency performance for multi channel campaigns against a vast array of target markets –demographic, attitudinal and behavioural. It is constructed by integrating all of the UK’s industry media currencies onto the specifically designed TouchPoints Hub – this ‘Hub and Fusion’ methodology ensures that media duplications are preserved during the multiple data fusion processes which take place, whilst the delivered results replicate those of the industry currencies. The Kite Factory won an IPA Effectiveness Gold Award in 2012 for their campaign for their client Which? As part of that entry they demonstrated perfectly how TouchPoints can help planners turn insight into action. TouchPoints added unique value to the development and implementation of their highly effective activation strategy by using the TouchPoints Channel Planner to maximise the total message exposure across the channels selected.