Effectiveness Research & Analysis

Influential older effectiveness resources from the IPA Archive on behavioural marketing, early social media, and other subjects over the last three decades.

(Recommended) Publication: Evaluation Best Practice Guide Produced by the IPA and other industry bodies, this short report still offers a useful summary of main evaluation techniques and tips for measuring individual channels. (August 2009)

Publication: Integrated, not Isolated The third and final report in the IPA Social Works series covering how to integrate social media research into other forms of research and insight development. (September 2016)

Publication: 'One, Not Everyone' personalisation social works report The second report in the series of IPA Social Works publications covering the use of social media to personalise customer experiences. (February 2015)

Publication: Let's get practical Bringing together information on case studies, training and best practice in the field of behavioural marketing. (January 2015)

Publication: The Expert Guide to Measuring, Not Counting The initial IPA Social Works guide to evaluating and validating campaigns in the early days of social media platforms, including advice on metrics, measurement techniques and working practices. (October 2014)

Publication: Red hot or red herring IPA report examining the potential of behavioural science to increase the effectiveness of marketing strategies. (October 2009)

Publication: Magic and Logic successes Short case studies of agencies, including 23red, DDB UK, BBH and RMG Connect, that illustrate the core principles for running profitable and effective agencies outlined in the IPA's Magic and Logic report (see below). (March 2009)

Publication: Advertising in a Downturn A report bringing together a series of data sources and proof linked to the business case for advertising during economic recessions. (March 2008)

Publication: Magic and Logic Landmark report identifying how agencies can focus on developing profitable ideas and work in areas such as remuneration and procurement to ensure they remain successful businesses. A follow-up described Magic and Logic challenges to the industry. (June & September 2006)

Last updated 01 May 2024