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Business marketing is often limited to generating short-term sales leads, but it can also deliver long-term brand building. Presentations and other resources to support better business-to-business marketing.

(Recommended) Blog: Why B2B marketing is at a turning point In this post, Cos Mingides, of B2B agency True, argues that B2B marketers have an increased opportunity to grow through investing in more effective and creative brand building. (February 2023)

Video: Learn from IPA Effectiveness Award-winning B2B brands Panel discussion at the IPA's 2022 conference on effectiveness about how B2B marketers in the insurance, paper, and fruit growing industries successfully demonstrated their payback from investing in brand building. (October 2022)

Publication: Guide to Writing a B2B Effectiveness Award Entry Produced with LinkedIn's B2B Institute, this guide outlines the processes, data selection, and story-telling needed in order to write an IPA Effectiveness Awards entry or just to craft a rock-solid corporate presentation. (October 2022)

Video: Challenging myths about B2B marketing Presenters at the IPA's 2021 conference on effectiveness challenge misperceptions about business marketing. Includes a case study on how a strategy to increase investment in brand campaigns was agreed and implemented at financial services provider UBS Asset Management. (October 2021)

Webinar: How B2B brands grow Speakers from LinkedIn's B2B Institute present insights that brands grow through penetration but most B2B buyers are out of market at any one time. Business brands therefore need to keep awareness and mental availability consistently high to be top of mind when buyers are looking to purchase. (October 2021)

Webinar: Trends in Digital B2B customer journeys For this 2021 webinar, Econsultancy presents insights on the digital trends in B2B influencing and purchasing that accelerated under COVID. Executives from Wunderman Thompson, gyro and True offer views on how to persuade corporate clients. (April 2021)

Report: Binet & Field on growth principles in B2B The effectiveness experts argue that the drivers of B2B growth overlap with those in consumer marketing, but need different application to win over business buyers. This LinkedIn B2B Institute report draws on material from the IPA Effectiveness Databank. (May 2019)

Last updated 01 May 2024