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Econometrics can credibly demonstrate the impact of marketing, provided models are transparent and sensitively applied. Resources on how to get the most out of econometrics – or cope if you don't have access to it.

(Recommended) Publication: Econometrics and the C-suite With chapters by Les Binet, Dr Grace Kite, and participants from EssenceMediacom, Meta, Kantar, TransUnion, and Google, this report provides practical advice on how econometrics can help forecast demand, assess pricing, and scenario plan at companies. (October 2023)

News: Industry experts assert value of Econometrics to C-suite Read how practitioners welcomed our report on econometrics and its uses for board level decisions. (October 2023)

Video: Econometrics and the C-Suite An EffWorks Global 2023 panel discusses how econometrics can be used more widely in companies to assess and forecast business performance. Contributors from ice cream brand Little Moons and BBH, and the media strategist David Grainger describe their experiences of applying insights from econometric models. (October 2023)

Blog: Demonstrating effectiveness without breaking the bank Three steps to get your data into IPA Effectiveness Award-winning shape if you don't have an econometric model. (December 2019)

Publication: Econometrics Explained 2 Taking account of the growth of digital media, this free follow-up guide by respected econometrician Louise Cook, covers a broad range of uses and examples, and includes checklists, a glossary of terms, and FAQs. (October 2017)

Publication: Econometrics Explained The original influential IPA starter guide that answers the main questions to help you commission, judge, and use learnings from an econometric model. (February 2004)

Last updated 01 May 2024