Proof of carbon reduction activities

There are some credentials that an organisation can obtain to prove their carbon reduction efforts such as effective environmental management, working carbon neutral or providing healthy, highly efficient and cost-effective green buildings.

  • ISO14001 – Provides a framework for an organisation to follow to setup an effective environmental management system, looking at factors across resource use, waste management and pollution.
  • ISO50001 – Provides a framework for organisations to continually improve their energy management.
  • B Corp certification - To become certified as a B Corp, businesses must meet the highest standards of verified environmental as well as social performance. Public transparency and legal accountability help B Corps build trust and value.
  • LEED or BREEAM – Environmental assessment of buildings and a framework for healthy, highly efficient and cost-effective green buildings.
  • Natural Capital Partners’ CarbonNeutral certification - assurance that a company’s carbon neutral claim is robust and credible.
Last updated 07 December 2023