Data is more exciting if we can access it without barriers

The more people that access the data - the better value those using it

Barb recently announced an API upgrade to include all data available in its panel viewing file. Here, IPA Research Director, Belinda Beeftink explains why having better, easier data access, more widely disseminated is a win-win.

Barb’s recent announcement on its upgraded API is a most welcome addition to how they are making data available in ways that are more suited to agencies' work practices. The ability to take the data via an API straight into proprietary tools and systems helps agencies get even better value from the data and is available to all IPA Barb subscribers at no additional cost. The addition of nonlinear viewing via the API including BVOD, SVOD, video sharing services, and viewing via device makes it easier than ever for agencies to navigate through this increasingly complex area.

All the data in the world is for nothing if we cannot access it in the way we want to. Often when data is collected the primary attention is on the methodology and the outcomes. We rarely consider the mechanism by which these rich nuggets of insight can be accessed. All too often access is an afterthought and limited to only those who are specialists in specific data analysis.

The work that Barb has done in developing its API has been most welcome and it is already being used by agencies and broadcasters. The recent news that non-linear viewing data is now included (BVOD, SVOD, video sharing, and viewing via different devices) is really good news and means that those who have their own proprietary tools and systems can more easily navigate this complex viewing behaviour.

Belinda Beeftink, IPA Research Director

Data is so much more exciting if we can access it without barriers and we can use it in the ways that best suit our own organisations and ways of working. It also means that agencies can interrogate the data in their own way without the restrictions of having to use a software bureau. Data can be more widely accessed throughout agencies and is not limited by licence. The more people that access the data - the better value for the agency that uses it. It goes without saying that the more widely used the data is the better the solutions and outcomes that it can provide.
So, the development of the Barb API is a win-win. Better, easier data access, more widely disseminated, and all at no additional cost for access.

Belinda Beeftink is Research Director at the IPA, and leads our TouchPoints research.

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Last updated 01 May 2024