To iList? Or not to iList?

The iList gives your work a chance to shine and be seen.

If you are considering entering the IPA iList but are still a little hesitant, 2024 judge Vicki Holgate answers some key questions about the process and why you should put yourself forward.

Should you put yourself forward for the IPA iList?

Yes. If you are asking yourself this question, then you may well be the perfect person to enter the iList. It means you have probably been doing something to drive the inclusion and diversity of the advertising industry. And the IPA would love to hear from you. The IPA iList was created to celebrate and learn from all those people who are putting in time and energy to open up our brilliant industry and make it more welcoming to a wider pool of talent. It doesn’t matter if you are senior or junior, or if your project is your entire job or something you do in your spare time. The iList is made up of a diverse range of people making our industry more inclusive in huge range of ways.

Isn’t it a bit boastful?

No. It’s vital for the greater good. iListers tend to be people who put others first, so putting yourself forward for an award might seem a bit alien. But think of it like this. One of the objectives of the iList is to create a pool of brilliant initiatives that other people can learn from and steal with pride. The more we can spread good practice throughout our industry the better. So, if it helps, think of entering the IPA iList as an opportunity to give your work a chance to shine and be seen & used by more people. Plus, you can be nominated by someone else if you would prefer.

Is it hard to enter?

No. You will know your work inside out and all it takes to enter is a maximum of 700 words describing your initiative. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to the IPA to talk to the judges about your work. The judges just want to understand each and every initiative fully and to get a sense of the impact and potential. They will be willing you on.

So, if you’ve been investing time and energy making our wonderful industry more inclusive, please tell us all about it.

Nominate your inclusivity champion for the IPA iList 2024 or enter yourself before Friday 19 January.


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Last updated 01 May 2024