What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

IPA Group Chairs give their thoughts.

We asked some of our IPA Group Chairs what they are most looking forward to and looking out for in 2022. Here's what they had to say.

Rob McFaul - Chair of the IPA Media Climate Action Group

What will we make, create and develop further to drive change? Despite the uncertainty, we feel in this moment, and our awakening to the scale and urgency of the climate crisis, this is also an exciting time for us all. It's a time when we are fully aware of our responsibilities for people and planet. Our creativity, our powers in storytelling, and behaviour change can all be directed to serve thriving life on Earth. We can develop the necessary tools and frameworks. We can promote sustainable lifestyles. We can accelerate business models to be future-fit. We can bring a sustainable future forward. In 2021 we came together. 2022 will be when we go further.

Annie Gallimore – IPA Talent Leadership Group Chair and Managing Director, Acne London | Director, Deloitte:

Welcoming a more diverse group of people into this wonderful and exciting industry through our dedication to inclusivity. We will continue to attract and hire diverse candidates at a grassroots level, by continuing with Advertising Unlocked – an opportunity for over 100 advertising and marketing communications agencies and over 100 schools to come together for one big open day allowing young people from a diverse range of backgrounds access to what goes on in our industry. We continue the iList initiative where we will celebrate and showcase role models who are championing and promoting inclusivity in our industry and the Fairness Hub will continue offering a practical resource to help agencies make meaningful change in their diversity and inclusion journey. All this will culminate in an exciting 2022 first - our inaugural Talent conference on 4 May.

Marc Nohr – IPA Commercial Leadership Group Chair and Group CEO Miroma Agencies and Chairman Fold7:

A year without a global pandemic would be a start – we have enough other global challenges to deal with right now, both in our industry and in the world at large. But, more positively expressed, I’m looking forward to seeing how our industry continues to adapt to the changes we’re currently living through: from the explosion of the creator economy to disrupters and new business models in every sector. We are nothing if not adaptive – but the speed with which we now need to adapt requires greater levels of imagination, empathy, and resourcefulness than ever before.

Mark Howley, IPA Media Futures Group Chair and COO Publicis Media:

Greater diversification of thinking, action, and spend. I think we will see bigger and better campaigns between brands and …influencers, TikTok, Citrus Ads, native ads, gaming platforms, the metaverse, and everything in between.  A return to the ‘medium is the message’ where we see World-Class creative tailored to individual platforms and channels. I’m very optimistic about 2022, so for me, any lookouts (the bill for Covid?) are worries for 2023 and beyond.  

Ali MacCallum, IPA Outdoor Group Chair and Chief Executive Officer, UK, Kinetic:

The bar for creativity will be raised even higher in 2022. There will be increasing demand for innovation as connected OOH brings real and virtual experiences together through the public and private screen, particularly for reaching ever-elusive younger audiences. As brands place more and more emphasis on investing marketing budgets responsibly, OOH will benefit from being a public platform that is inclusive by nature and that can deliver better advertising experiences. OOH’s credentials as a sustainable platform for good, funding critical transport and local authority services, and an increasing ability to demonstrate proof of effectiveness, will ensure high levels of growth year on year. 

Ed Palmer, IPA Co-Chair Client Relationship Group and Managing Director, St Luke’s

The lockdown of early 2021 feels a long time ago now. Projects have come roaring back, as has new business. And while we’re not out of the COVID woods yet by any means, the confidence levels generally feel greater than just the effect of pent-up demand. There are still huge issues to address, but the industry will continue to do what it does best: apply creativity to big challenges like mental wellbeing, gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and most important of all, climate change. I’m looking forward to the industry continuing to get its swagger back in 2022.

Last updated 01 May 2024