Humour in advertising

IPA Insight Pulse Poll

An IPA Insight Pulse Poll of 2,000 people aged 18+, commissioned by the IPA and conducted by Opinium, revealing the UK's opinions on humour in advertising.

Key findings:

  • 64% of the UK agreed that they were more likely to remember an advert if they found it funny.
  • 18-34s reported finding sarcasm and irony the most amusing type of comedy in advertising (40%), whilst over 35s preferred situational humour.
  • Funny music and sound effects were the least popular type of humour with only 13% enjoying it.
  • Gambling, alcohol and healthcare were the industries deemed most inappropriate for using comedy.
  • Over 75s were the most likely to feel that humour is inappropriate when advertising a taboo subject.

The nationally representative poll was commissioned by the IPA among a sample of 2,000 UK adults in employment and was undertaken by Opinium in February 2024. The full data is available on request by contacting [email protected].