Mental Health in the Workplace

IPA Insight Pulse Poll surveying UK employees regarding the mental health support they are aware of and have access to in the workplace

New IPA-commissioned data revealing the mental health support that UK employees are aware of and have access to in the workplace.

Key findings:

  • 49% of all employees, and 78% of all adland employees, agree that their workplace should be doing more to support mental health and wellbeing at work
  • Less than a quarter of all employees (22%), and only a third of adland employees (34%), say their employer has a mental health policy
  • 17% of all employees, and 22% of adland employees, say their workplace has mental health first aiders/champions
  • 15% of all employees, and 30% of adland employees, say their company supplies mental health training
  • 56% of all employees, and a considerable 83% of adland employees, are concerned about taking time off if there’s a high workload
  • 21% of all employees, and 34% of adland employees, say their employer has the ability to make reasonable adjustments to support mental health

The nationally representative poll was commissioned by the IPA among a sample of 1,265 UK adults in employment and was undertaken by Opinium in November 2023. This was followed up by a further IPA-commissioned poll of 100 UK adults employed in advertising, marketing, PR professions (referred to as ‘adland’), undertaken by Opinium in December 2023.