Open apprenticeship programmes, recruitment options, funding rules update

A summary of key apprenticeship news

IPA CPD Adviser Gwyn March outlines key apprenticeship news for IPA members in English agencies.

The Bauer Academy – who have a 99% pass rate - are offering open programme starts for a number of entry-level apprenticeships including:

This means if you have less than the ten apprentices required to form a bespoke cohort (which Bauer also run as required) you could book as little as one person and hope others in the same position did likewise. This has worked before.

If you wish, for example, to have someone on a June cohort Bauer would require notice by mid-April, a September cohort mid-July and so on. 

So, if you haven’t started recruiting … Bauer are one of several apprenticeship training providers who can often help with recruitment. Although don’t forget they are just one of many ways to recruit talent for particular roles, especially from underrepresented groups.

Also, as with most providers, they have become adept at running workshops/huddles/progress reviews/learning remotely, so suitable for anyone who spends at least 50% of their working hours in any part of England.

Funding is via using your levy money if you pay it (£3M salary bill and above). If you are a non-levy payer you can receive 95% of the training cost from the Government or maybe get 100% from the new transfer system. Please note, if you employ fewer than 50 employees the government will pay 100% of the training cost for apprentices aged 16-18; or 19-24s if they have a local authority education, health and care plan. Please note that there is currently no bribe from the Chancellor regarding salary itself.

Finally – as we noted in the last newsletter – apprenticeships are great for entry-level but also upskilling craft skills of many disciplines and levels – so Bauer are also offering open programmes, for example, in Coaching and Senior Leader Degree (MSc).

Ways to reach and recruit underrepresented groups
Last updated 01 May 2024