Digital Voices and House of Greenland join IPA Membership

They were elected into IPA membership at the September 2022 Council meeting.

The IPA are pleased to announce that Digital Voices and House of Greenland were elected into IPA membership at its quarterly Council meeting on 15 September.

Introducing our new members:

Digital Voices:

We joined the IPA to raise the standards of professionalism of Digital Voices as an agency and the Influencer Marketing industry as a whole. We want to show that the Influencer Marketing industry is compliant with laws and advertising codes, as well as that Digital Voices is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. The deep expertise of the current IPA members, Insight Team, resources and thought leadership will help us provide a higher level of service to our clients. The training and development programme plus the data and advisory services will support our staff and help them excel at their jobs.

Over the past five years, we have run successful international Influencer Marketing campaigns with a range of FTSE 500 brands and household names, from a variety of sectors. We are particularly proud of the projects with BBC Sounds, Meta and Magnum, where we drove brand awareness, traffic and conversions. Many of our clients partner with us for multiple years, as we show them how influencers can be a long-term strategy at the heart of their marketing plans for driving consistent customer acquisition.

House of Greenland:

Hello world! We're House of Greenland, a full-service agency started outside of the agency realm, by filmmakers, strategists and marketers. After 7 years spent working with the world's best innovation brands, scaleups, NGOs and cultural institutions; joining IPA is a milestone in many ways. Sure, it will ensure access to mentoring, training, and represents a label of pride and quality. And sure, it certifies that this thing we've built between London and Lyon is an official, certified agency (and we get a logo at the bottom of our emails to prove it). But above all, it means joining the community of the industry we work in, in the city we come from, with the people who inspire us most. We can't wait to make friends, and see what everyone's up to.

According to Stonewall’s 2017 LGBT in Britain research, 1 in 7 LGBTQ+ people experience discrimination when in a store. Google’s LGBTQ-friendly attribute helps businesses show potential customers they are inclusive and welcome them as they are. To encourage the use of Google’s LGBTQ-Friendly attribute on UK businesses' profiles on Search and Maps, we launched #OpenToEveryone – during Pride 2021. Our inspiring films and written business stories told the stories of LGBTQ-friendly businesses in London, Madrid and Dublin and captured how big of a difference a simple LGBTQ-friendly icon on Google Search or Google Maps can make.

I’m delighted to be able to welcome Digital Voices and House of Greenland to the IPA. They are incredibly exciting agencies who will add a huge amount to the IPA community in the coming months.

Patrick Mills, Director of Membership & Professional Development, IPA
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Last updated 17 April 2024