How to join the IPA

Whoever you are, there’s an IPA for you.

UK agencies, and the people who work in them, deliver some of the best advertising, media and marketing services in the world. But in an era of unprecedented change, they have never been more in need of an organisation that represents them, safeguarding, inspiring and promoting their success. That’s why they have us, the IPA. We are the organisation that dedicates every minute of our working life to helping agencies do what they do better, more successfully and more profitably.

There are three ways for you to join the IPA

    As a full member agency

    Agencies with a gross income of more than £500,000 are eligible to be Agency members. You’ll be in the company of many of the UK’s best and most successful agencies from across the spectrum of marketing disciplines. Our mission is to keep driving your business forwards, by encouraging you to make the absolute max of all our services: a harnessing of best practice, knowledge, advice, continuous professional development and collective intelligence that you won’t find anywhere else.

    If you'd like to find out what your annual subscription would be, feel free to email Alex Buxton or phone him on 0207 201 8274.

    As a start-up or ambitious small agency

    Agencies with a gross income of less than £500,000 can join our Accelerator programme. Specially designed to make the most of vital IPA services for an affordable small agency fee. Join a community of like-minded agencies at a critical, high-risk stage and embark on the pathway to fully-fledged membership. 

    As an individual

    You can become an accredited personal Member of the IPA, or a MIPA for short. When you do, you’ll be adding the industry’s badge of professionalism to your CV. Accreditation, with the qualifications you earn along the way, is about making you more respected, valuable and sought-after in the eyes of clients, colleagues and employers. 

    Please get in touch if you would like to join the IPA community or find out more.

    Alex Buxton

    Head of New Member Acquisition


    0207 201 8274

    Last updated 10 November 2021