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UK agencies, and the people who work in them, deliver some of the best advertising, media and marketing services in the world. But in an era of unprecedented change, agencies and advertising practitioners have never been more in need of an organisation that represents them, safeguarding, inspiring and promoting their success. That’s why they have the IPA. By helping to create a community where information, resources and ideas can be shared, we're helping to empower people who work in advertising. We are the people behind the people who make our industry what it is today and shape what it will become tomorrow.

Three ways you can join the IPA Community

As an agency

We represent advertising and marketing agencies with a gross income greater than £500,000. Our focus is on your best interests. Find out how to join the IPA as an agency

As part of our Accelerator Community

We know the challenges advertising agencies face. Our Accelerator Community Programme gives agencies with a gross income of less than £500,000 access to a taster of the knowledge, resources and contacts available at the IPA. We want to support these agencies and help them on their pathway to becoming a fully fledged member of the IPA. Find out how to join the IPA's Accelerator Community

As an individual

Becoming an Accredited Member of the IPA (MIPA) is the most visible, robust badge of professionalism, designed to put you on the same footing as architects, engineers and lawyers. Find out how to how to join is an individual. Find out to join the IPA as an individual

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Please email Aisling Conlon to find out more about joining the IPA