CPD Accreditation Support and Resources

Effective inductions, appraisals and training programmes

Every year we help our member agencies meet their CPD accreditation requirements. After all, it's the yardstick by which the UK's best agencies want to be measured.

Here we have collated for you resources for a seamless journey through CPD Accreditation, from inductions; planning and evaluating training, to appraisals, creating ERGs/communities, with case studies from award-winning IPA member agencies.

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CPD Accreditation

Once you've been in membership for a full calendar year or more, we'll ask you to submit for CPD Accreditation every year. To maintain your IPA membership, you'll need to be ready to prove that you have adhered to a number of criteria which are explained in our guidance below.


A seamless induction is paramount to new starters feeling welcomed and supported. Here you find resources on how to create your own great agency welcome programmes, and get inspiration from other agencies.

Planning and Evaluating Training

Training is essential to employee retention and wellbeing. We have collated resources on planning and evaluating training programmes, so that you can ensure that the learning and development you provide are as effective as possible.

Effective Appraisals

Appraisals ensure your employees know how to progress and stay motivated. These resources will help you create the most effective appraisals.

ERGs / Communities

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups whose aim is to create a diverse, inclusive workplace in adherence to the values of the companies they are part of. They offer spaces for people with shared backgrounds and identities to discuss ideas and any challenges they face. These communities can have the most amazing effect on a company's culture and policies. Here you find case studies and ideas from IPA member agencies.

The IPA Training Forum

The aim of the IPA Training Forum is that attendees, inspired by “the wisdom of crowds”, return empowered to their agencies, secure in the knowledge that CPD isn’t a business nicety, it’s a commercial imperative. Please join our IPA LinkedIn Community