EffWorks Global 2020

Here you can find all the compelling conference presentations and/or videos of EffWorks Global 2020 which offer new effectiveness R&D, new case studies, inspiring keynotes and interactive Q&As from leading Marketing Effectiveness thinkers, brands and agencies.

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Presentation videos and/or slides available

    Pip Hulbert, CEO Wunderman Thompson and Chair of the Effectiveness Awards Leadership Group 2020: Opening remarks and state of the nation

    Pip Hulbert lays out the mood of the industry, looks forward to 2021 and presents the vision for this year’s EffWorks Global Conference.

    Dame Carolyn McCall, DBE, CEO, ITV: Getting the Board on Board

    We hear from top CEOs on the contribution marketing and advertising can make to get the economies of the world moving.

    Judges Forum 1: Trends and state of marketing effectiveness in the industry

    Convenor of Judges, Sue Unerman, Mediacom, discusses this year’s IPA Effectiveness Award Winners with judges Catherine Kehoe, Lloyds; Malcolm White, krow and Shobha Sairam, the community. They explore the trends and state of marketing effectiveness of the industry, including reflections on the winners, given the challenges we face going forward.

    Judges Forum 2: Evidence that wins

    Technical Judges from this year’s Awards share views on the quality of the evidence presented this year. How were the best cases proven? What did the winners do to make their entries stand out and what can we all learn from them about the demonstration of effectiveness internally and externally.

    Les Binet, Group Head of Effectivness, adam&eveDDB: Share of search as a predictive measure

    Les Binet presents his analysis on the potential for search to predict market share “Share of Search as a Predictive Measure”.

    James Hurman and Maria Devereux: The Creative Commitment Framework

    Leading strategist James Hurman re-examines the Creative Commitment framework with Maria Devereux, Executive Creative Director at Colenso BBDO, New Zealand. How can the creative department help sell in the importance of commitment to the levers of commercial effectiveness? Should they?

    Steve Harrison, author: Can't sell won't sell

    MullenLowe's Ayesha Walawalkar and Steve Harrison discuss his explosive new book “Can't Sell, Won't Sell". TBWA's Lorna Hawtin Chairs.

    Nina Schick, author, commentator: The age of synthetic media

    Author and commentator Nina Schick delves into the exponential growth of the synthetic media industry and explores what is hugely exciting; it’s potential for weaponisation and why leadership is needed now across the marketing industry.

    Nick Milne, Founder & Director Go Ignite Consulting: Positive brand friction

    Effectiveness Measurement Consultant Nick Milne reveals exclusive IPA research on how we can segment customer experience and its importance to generating of brand value and growth.

    Lysa Hardy and Anna Musikhina: CX, the new battleground

    Lysa Hardy, CMO, Hotel Chocolat and Anna Musikhina, Global VP Digital, L'Oreal share their new attitudes to finding value in customer experience.

    Brendan Walker, Director of Thrill Laboratory: The Thrill Engineer - How humans respond to extreme experiences

    Brendan Walker, Director of Thrill Laboratory, is dedicated to creating & examining new forms of thrilling and extreme experience and how bodies and emotions respond. Using his work as creator of theme park rides he explores their design, creation and measurement. And what it takes to take the ultimate photo of “the face of thrill".

    Geoffrey Beattie, author, psychology professor: The legacy of COVID-19 for human behaviour and communication

    Psychology professor and author Geoffrey Beattie, Edgehill University explores the physical and emotional effects of the last year in an exclusive report for the IPA and how System 1 and System 2 thinking work together in times of anxiety and pressure and what this means for communication.

    Marcel Danesi, US semiotrician, University of Toronto: Pandemics and effective communication

    History shows us how pandemics have always changed culture. Sometimes fundamentally. Advertising has always reflected cultural changes. In this short session, US semiotrician Professor Marcel Danesi, University of Toronto explains this further and shares what he has already seen from COVID messages and metaphor.

    Caroline Davison and Ben Essen: Ecoeffectiveness - the missing measure in the climate crisis

    Caroline Davison, Managing Partner and Sustainability Lead, Elvis and Ben Essen, Global Chief Strategy Officer, Iris, pose the question of whether there is a ‘missing measure’ in our examination of advertising effectiveness to date – analysing and tracking the carbon impact of our work.

    Patrick Neyret, Global Director, Purposeful Brands and Marketing Transformation, Danone: Leveraging creativity for growth

    Patrick Neyret discusses the new drive for creativity in Danone and reveals details of their Global Creativity Programme.

    Serhat Ekinci, Managing Director, OMG Diversity and Inclusion Division: The diversity effect

    Serhat Ekinci reveals the gap in campaigns that can be bridged by thinking and planning with a diverse lens and gives examples of the improvement in effectiveness that results.

    Paul Feldwick, consultant, coach, author: Why does the pedlar sing?

    Paul Feldwick presents a short summary on the premise of his forthcoming book 'Does the Pedlar Sing? - What creativity really means in advertising', before being interviewed on the salient points by broadcaster and journalist, Samira Ahmed.

    In a year of turmoil, EffWorks Global 2020 provides a steadying hand:, new evidence based on peer-reviewed research, best practice IPA Effectiveness case studies and reflections on their wider implications, learnings from the past re-imagined for the future. We’re encouraged by the growing number of CMOs who are joining our Leadership Group to steer the agenda and make us useful and fit for purpose in helping navigate post-Covid recovery.

    Janet Hull OBE, IPA Director of Marketing


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