Owned Channels

Effectiveness Research & Analysis

How much value do owned channels provide by themselves and in combination with paid channels? In-depth reports into the definition and role of owned channels.

(Recommended) Publication: Owned Channels - the next frontier for effectiveness measurement An in-depth free report from Fiona Blades of MESH on definitions of owned media, how they contribute to effectiveness, and how they can work in combination with paid and earned media. (October 2022)

Video: Adding owned channels to your media plan Conference presentation on how to include owned channels within existing media measurement frameworks and tips for integrating them within other measurement such as IPA Touchpoints. (October 2023)

Video: How LEGO uses owned channels 2023 conference presentation, with downloadable slides, about how LEGO integrates owned channels into it briefing, measurement and communications practices. (October 2023)

Video: Launching 2022 report on Owned Channels Launch presentation for an IPA-commissioned report from MESH, including evidence of the importance of owned properties to brands in the retail, banking and sports betting sectors. (October 2022)

Last updated 01 May 2024