Share of Search

Effectiveness Research & Analysis

As a metric for predicting demand or evaluating advertising, branded share of search has huge interest for marketers. Presentations on using branded share of search to track demand and advertising performance.

(Recommended) Video: Why share of search matters to Rightmove A presentation by the property website group on how share of search is an invaluable tool that aligns with the brand's other indicators. (October 2021)

Video: Linking share of search to share of voice and other insights Search expert James Hankins presents updated findings from an IPA working group on the uses of share of search for marketers. (October 2021)

Publication: Is this the metric you've been searching for? A short PDF summarising some of the evidence for why branded share of search can be a useful metric. (October 2021)

Blog: Launching an IPA initiative on share of search A short post setting out a number of hypotheses about share of search that an IPA group will test out. (September 2021)

Video: Share of Search as a predictive metric In this original video, Les Binet presents on the potential use of branded share of search as a way to predict market share, with a follow-up webinar. (October & November 2020)

Last updated 01 May 2024