Partnering for Growth

Creating mutually sustainable commercial relationships for clients and agencies

This report seeks to understand the characteristics and contexts that can create long-term, mutually sustainable client/agency relationships.

The research revealed that there are four fundamental building blocks for mutuality, captured in the acronym SOUL, that combine to be greater than the sum of its parts: shared foundation, organisation, understanding and learning.

It may help you to see this report as the third in a series all of which seek to help agencies raise their game commercially.

In the first report The Price of Success we looked at how professional-services firms in a variety of sectors (including agencies) charge for what they do and how they do that most profitably. What emerged was a variety of models and principles for different purposes.

The second report Pricing for Success Part 2 sought to show how to apply that thinking with a robust and step-by-step methodology, leading to a customised pricing stack.

This third report focuses on the human element namely how we partner with our clients for success.