Four free reports to fuel marketing effectiveness and grow businesses

The reports have been officially unveiled this week at the flagship EffWorks Global 2022 Conference.

The IPA-led cross-industry initiative EffWorks has published four free reports that detail the blunt truths facing the ad industry and set out smarter strategies to help the business weather these truths to bolster their marketing effectiveness and grow their businesses. They have been officially unveiled this week at the flagship EffWorks Global 2022 Conference.

The new reports are born of the EffWorks initiative’s mission to provide the marketing industry with the resources and tools to change its culture and to realise the potential of truly accountable and effective marketing – particularly in these challenging times.

Covering a full range of areas, these latest publications detail the value of brands – providing crucial evidence to make the case for investing in marketing; explore the untapped potential and value of Owned Channels; provide four key decisions companies can take to drive increased commercial return in the in short, medium and long-term, and set out the five pillars of MarTech and Marketing Operations vital to the success of marketing campaigns;

The four new EffWorks reports:

Why brands matter in 2022: New Big Picture Evidence on brand investment and pricing power

This new global report is based on Brand Finance’s latest analysis of a range of its studies and underlines the critical role brands play in the economy at times of crises and in recovery; how they deliver stability and reduce risk; how they restart economies and build consumer confidence; how they deliver national competitiveness and, above all, how strong brands outperform their competitors. It also looks at some of the building blocks of strong brands and outlines the role that familiarity and consideration play in developing that strength and how they can help to explain and predict market share.

Download the free report "Why Brands Matter 2022"


Owned Channels: The next frontier for marketing effectiveness measurement

Using the database from international research company, MESH Experience from both US and UK brands, this report shines a light on how owned channels perform for brands and how they measure up against paid and earned. And provokes questions on: How should we define them? What role do they play in the funnel? How do they deliver on brand experience? And how do we integrate them into measurement systems?

Download the free report "Owned Channels"


Quality brand growth in the age of disruption

This report from o9 Solutions examines brand growth across time horizons, analyses various different measurement methodologies, discusses the digital paradox – more data being available from more places does not equal more knowledge; and connects the dots between marketing and sales, Crucially, it also discusses the ‘how to’ in bringing everything together in a digitally-enabled, knowledge-powered decision-making ecosystem and sets out the key capability areas for growth. Through its investigation it is able to set out the four key decisions for companies to take to drive increased commercial return in the short, medium and long-term.

Download the free report "Quality Brand Growth in the Age of Disruption"


A Guide to MarTech Investment

LXA’s report, “A Guide to Martech Effectiveness”, sets out the five pillars of MarTech and Marketing Operations vital to the success of marketing campaigns. These pillars cover the complete process of martech strategy from initial planning to selection of the tools, the processes needed to manage martech, and the skills required within the business. All of which, the report counsels, should be underpinned by marketing’s involvement at every stage, with a clear message that marketers now need to step up to the martech challenge and should be as accountable as IT.

Download the free "Guide to Martech Effectiveness"


These publications form just some of the content revealed at the EffWorks Global 2022 Conference which also heard from distinguished industry experts including Les Binet, John Hegarty, Julian Douglas and Grace Kite, as well as content creator and influencer Tega Alexander, singer, songwriter and rapper Donae’o, and more.

The Conference also heard full discussion on the findings of another core EffWorks initiative, the 2022 IPA Marketing Effectiveness Roadmap, which was published ahead of time and details the levels of marketing effectiveness competency within the industry and sets out a clear model for future success.  Now in its second year, the IPA Marketing Effectiveness Roadmap defines marketing effectiveness as: "The process of improving business performance from marketing activities, made easier and more impactful by people, technology, and a strong and clear focus." How well organisations rate their performance against this definition, and against the quadrants of Focus / Process / People / Data, Tools & Measurement* defines their effectiveness culture which the IPA believes has a strong influence on their business success. By analysing organisations’ performance across these quadrants, it is possible to identify ways to improve both for individual companies and the industry as a whole. 

In challenging economic times, marketing effectiveness is top of the agenda for brands and businesses. These EffWorks Global 2022 reports, alongside the wider content, provide the ammunition needed for tough discussions to deliver the balancing act required to respond to both short-term cost pressures and longer term strategic goals.

Janet Hull OBE Director of Marketing Strategy, IPA
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Last updated 01 May 2024