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Marketing effectiveness is not just a 'nice to have'. It is a key factor in business culture and growth. EffWorks is a reservoir of learning, research and debate established by the IPA and a host of industry partners. The ambition is to provide the marketing industry with resources and tools to change its culture. To realise the potential of truly accountable and effective marketing.

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The IPA’s Marketing Effectiveness initiative, EffWorks, seeks to create a global industry movement, to promote a marketing effectiveness culture in client and agency organisations, and improve our day-to-day working practices.

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    EffWorks Global Flagship Conference

    EffWorks Global is the only event in this year’s marketing calendar that focuses entirely on helping marketers and brands plan marketing effectiveness for post-Covid recovery. You have the opportunity to explore new pieces of research, as well as hear from a first-class lineup of speakers.

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    EffWorks FT campaign


    The IPA and the FT, along with EffWorks, a cross-industry marketing effectiveness initiative, have partnered to help you invest in advertising for long-term business success. FT readers know that making the right investment decisions requires access to the best evidence. Over decades, the IPA has built a unique bank of evidence of how effective advertising grows brands and pays back financially. 

    Marketing Marketing


    Developing the case for marketing and brand investment in the short, medium and long-term, and promoting the benefits to internal and external stakeholders.

    Managing Marketing


    Providing awareness and understanding of how marketing works, and how to write the best brief, develop the best process for planning and executing marketing programmes, and motivating marketing and agency teams.

    Monitoring Marketing


    Delivering the best models, and guidance on tools and techniques, to plan, monitor, direct and measure the impact of marketing activity, using holistic approaches to return on investment.

    Effectiveness Qualifications

    We offer a wide range of courses and qualifications that provide a solid grounding in understanding and measuring advertising effectiveness. Part of this portfolio is the new Effectiveness Essentials that covers the basics of effectiveness, its importance to successful marketing communications, how to measure it and how to speak its language to clients.

    Forget the hype, forget the misreporting. We are seeking to represent what’s really going on and the opportunities for improvement in our industry. EffWeek and EffWorks are not just about what we do, but why and how we do it. Our overall ambition is to encourage evidence-based decision making in marketing. To move the industry from a reporting to a learning culture. To encourage greater accountability and transparency. Ultimately to create more value for the brands we service.

    Janet Hull OBE, Director of Marketing Strategy, IPA and Executive Director, EffWeek

    IPA Effectiveness Leadership Group

    A reservoir of extraordinarily talented and knowledgeable individuals all committed to helping us create a culture change in marketing.

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    Lending us their expertise and financial support. These organisations are putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to marketing effectiveness.

    Last updated 12 March 2024